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Beware Of Scams Using The PT Pipeline Marketing Teknologi Name. Read More

Beware of Recruitment Scams in the Name of PT Pipeline Marketing Technology

September 26, 2023  •    •  Rista Fathika Anggrela

Due to numerous reports of phishing scams, PT Pipeline Marketing Teknologi wishes to issue an important advisory to all parties in our efforts to maintain trust and company integrity. Scammers are impersonating our company, PT Pipeline Marketing Teknologi/Pipeline Buzz, by offering job opportunities or recruitment through phone numbers or WhatsApp.

Therefore, we would like to emphasize that:

  1. Legitimate and official recruitment is only conducted through our official platforms on LinkedIn or through Pipeline Buzz team members.
  2. PT Pipeline Marketing Teknologi never requests or offers investment collaborations to the public through phone numbers, WhatsApp, social media, or websites that are not listed on our official online assets. These official assets include:
  3. PT Pipeline Marketing Teknologi is not responsible for any parties who may suffer losses in connection with these activities.

To avoid unwanted risks, individuals wishing to confirm any information can contact PT Pipeline Marketing Technologi's complaint service at 0821-2000-0339.

We therefore remind everyone to remain vigilant and not easily tempted by enticing offers claiming to be from our company, PT Pipeline Marketing Teknologi, or Pipeline Buzz. We urge anyone receiving job offers or recruitment from those claiming to represent us through channels other than Instagram or LinkedIn to contact us immediately to verify the information.

The security and trust of the public are our top priorities, and together, we can prevent such scams. Thank you for your attention and cooperation in safeguarding our company's integrity.

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