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How Peakflo Significantly Gain 185.33% Improvement in Overall Organic Traffic within 2 Months


Founded in 2021, Peakflo is a Singapore-based fintech-startup that aims to streamline & automate invoice collections and vendor payments for businesses, from startups to unicorns, across SEA.

In 6 July 2022, Peakflo announced that it has raised $4.1 million in seed funding.
Pipeline has been tremendously helpful to us not only in terms of SEO but also the overall marketing strategies, both on the technical and nontechnical side.

Peakflo site has been seeing a significant growth in traffic even in the span of 2 months after working with Pipeline.

The team is also highly coordinative and communicative, so working with Pipeline truly feels like having an additional internal department.
Lulu Nurul Janah
Content Marketing Manager of Peakflo

Pain Points

Peakflo use Google Ads and Linkedin Ads to generate most of their leads, with 10% of their leads turned into SQL.

So, seeing this, Peakflo start to invest more in organic search to generating new leads and communicate closer with Indonesia audience using organic channels with Search Engine Optimization service.

Find out how Peakflo successfully gains their overall organic traffic by 185.33% in this SEO case study!

Key Takeaways

Perform faster in SERP through technical optimization, such as fix website navigation, increase page speed, get crawled and indexed faster in SERP.

After a month, Peakflo’s site health was showing steady growth. Google started to take notice of Peakflo’s content, and the indexed pages along with website speed were both increase rapidly.
Generate organic traffic and leads. Increase conversion rate within 1 months.

Gain significantly improvement in overall organic traffic by 185.33% within 1 month, after we done some fixing on technical side that started in June.

See the Results for Yourself!
Help gain exponential organic growth through strategic content planning and user behaviour analysis with careful keyword research and an understanding of local audience intent and buying behavior.

Shown up in Google top rank within 2 months.
Provide training and support to our data analyst, web developer, UI/UX designer, and content production team to help them stay sharp and solve problems efficiently.
Our added value comes in the form of providing training for our web developer on how to implement technical SEO, along with problem solving.

Transparent Weekly communications keep everyone on the same page and help our team work together seamlessly.

Low performance and low visibility on search engines.

Spend a lot of budget on Google Ads and Linkedin Ads to generate leads

Early phase to enter Indonesia market, but, don’t know the behaviour of local audiences.

Limited marketing resources.


CVR Inseasement


Traffics in 1st month


Organic Keywords in 2+ months

In God, We Trust.
In Data, We Plan.

We use our data-driven approach to analyze and predict your user’s needs, wants and future behavior. This insight helps us plan and execute personalized marketing strategies for the highest possible ROI for your business.
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