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How CoHive Structured Their Google Ads Account to Increase 19.12% in Conversion Rate and Enhanced Marketing Efficiency


CPC Decrease


Conversion Rate Increase


Cost per Conversion Decrease


CoHive, firmly known as EV Hive is a coworking space based in Indonesia. They provide flexible workspace, business service and networking for entrepreneurs and startups. In June 2019, EV Hive or CoHive announced that it raised US $13.5 million in a new round of funding led by Korea’s Stonebridge Ventures.

As the co-working industry has found popularity in recent years, CoHive is growing beyond its core business to offer living spaces (CoLiving) , and services for retailers (CoRetail).

So, seeing this, having an organized and efficient Google Ads account structure for CoHive's campaign is the main goal to be achieved. It will help CoHive to balance their budgets, improve their spending efficiency, and help drive better campaign performance.
Pipeline has been a great help to CoHive, with them we reached our targeted leads and even surpassing the target given.

They are also very helpful throughout the partnership, giving solutions for our technical problems including SEM, SEO and even leads management.

The team are also very easy and fun to work with as well, making a very applaudable experience working together with them
Daniel Marpaung
Marketing Lead of CoHive

Pain Points

CoHive had been using the same Google Ads account structure for more than 2 years. They decided to improve their performance and efficiency in their campaigns after we provided a compelling audit of their Google Ads Account.

The audit identified clear issues with the account structure that prevent the ability to capture efficient leads and grow campaigns. The total score of the audit process is 10/45. For instance, CoHive spent 80% of their budget for low-efficient keywords and 37% spending didn’t generate any conversions. We found that there is still much room for improvement in order to increase the conversion rate and do remarketing.

Find out how CoHive successfully increase their conversion rate by 19,12% in this conversion rate optimization case study!


We help CoHive by completing deep dive into the existing Google Ads account structure, identifying high performing or volume keywords and ad copy to incorporate into the new structure. We also help them seeking low volume and duplicate keywords and ad copy to remove it.

Then we complied all of the insight gained from existing structure, by following our best practice to create new structure in line and creating campaign optimization log for better performance.
We create a campaign planning sheet with new Google Ads account structure and proper campaign name conventions in order to pull the data easier for reporting.

We help CoHive implement a keyword match type strategy to ensure efficient, relevant traffic, structured in a way that allows for tailored messaging and update the entire account ad’s messaging strategy to align with the new structure and improve ad engagement and manage to increase 19.12% in conversion rates.

Deep Dive Existing Structure and Gaining Insight

Building Solid Foundational Account Structure Based on Funnel


In the first 3 months with Pipeline, CoHive enjoyed 19.12% increase in conversion rates with 65.59% lower CPC and 70% decrease in cost per conversion. We can attribute the significant increase in conversion rates and efficiencies to exceed their goals.

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