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6 Steps Building B2B Lead Generation Sales & Marketing Funnel

June 5, 2024  •    •  Rista Fathika Anggrela

A B2B lead generation funnel can significantly enhance the number and quality of leads for your business. This process involves multiple steps to attract and guide potential customers through the sales journey.

It starts by offering a specific and compelling incentive to attract visitors to your website or landing page, where they provide their contact details. This process increases lead quantity and improves lead quality, ensuring that your sales team receives valuable prospects. Learn more about the B2B lead generation funnel, below:

What is a Lead Generation Funnel?

A lead generation funnel is the initial part of a sales process designed to attract potential customers and gather their contact information. It focuses on building awareness and interest in a brand without directly pitching sales. This funnel typically includes various assets like ads, content, and videos that engage and educate the audience.

For example, it might start with a blog post addressing common industry questions, followed by retargeting ads leading to a landing page offering valuable content in exchange for email addresses. The goal is to nurture leads and build trust, making them more receptive to later sales pitches.

Benefits of B2B Lead Generation Funnel

A B2B lead generation funnel offers numerous advantages. Here are a few benefits of a B2B lead generation marketing funnel:

  • Increased Lead Generation: A lead generation funnel can significantly boost the number of leads generated, expanding your potential client base.
  • Improved Lead Quality: By offering a specific, targeted offer, the funnel helps qualify leads before they reach your sales team, ensuring they are more likely to convert.
  • Cost Savings: Lead gen funnels are efficient marketing tactics with high return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS), leading to cost savings over time.
  • Efficient Sales Process: With qualified leads entering the sales process, you can move them through more quickly and efficiently, resulting in more sales and higher profits.

Most Common Issue with Lead Generation Sales & Marketing Funnel

Managing a B2B lead funnel is tough due to competition. So, businesses must generate and convert leads. However, challenges arise in managing this process. Here, we'll discuss common issues and solutions in B2B lead funnel management.

1. Poorly Defined Target Audience

  • Issue: Some businesses target an audience that doesn’t need their products or try to appeal to everyone, leading to vague and ineffective messaging.
  • Solution: Conduct market research to understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and focus all marketing efforts on this specific audience. Use tools like ScoreApp quizzes to segment and personalize your approach based on their answers.

2. Weak Lead Generation

  • Issue: Inability to attract or qualify leads, leading to a low conversion rate.
  • Solution: Diversify lead generation strategies with a mix of content marketing, SEO, and social media. Use quizzes as lead magnets to complement and boost other tactics, helping pre-qualify leads.

3. Ineffective Lead Nurturing

  • Issue: Impersonal and generic lead nurturing approaches, resulting in lost leads.
  • Solution: Personalize nurturing strategies based on segmented leads. Automate email sequences for personalized and timely communication.

4. Poor Conversion Rates

  • Issue: Low conversion rates at various stages of the funnel.
  • Solution: Identify conversion bottlenecks through analytics and A/B testing. Improve landing page copy and email sequences to enhance conversion rates.

5. Lack of Follow-up on Leads

  • Issue: Failure to follow up on leads, missing out on potential conversions.
  • Solution: Plan and personalize follow-ups based on segmentation. Automate follow-ups to ensure timely and consistent communication.

6. Ignoring Customer Feedback

  • Issue: Failure to gather direct feedback from leads and customers, leading to missed opportunities for improvement.
  • Solution: Collect feedback through direct communication, social media, or engaging quizzes. Use insights to optimize marketing strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

7. Insufficient Analytics and Measurement

  • Issue: Relying on guesswork rather than data-driven decisions.
  • Solution: Use tools with strong analytics to track and measure funnel performance. Regularly review data to identify and address any issues.

8. Misalignment Between Sales and Marketing

  • Issue: Disconnection between marketing efforts and sales outcomes, resulting in lost leads.
  • Solution: Foster communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Use sales enablement content and personalized messaging to align efforts and improve conversion rates.

9. Overlooking Customer Retention and Loyalty

  • Issue: Focusing solely on acquiring new customers, neglecting existing ones.
  • Solution: Implement post-engagement strategies to stay in touch with customers. Create loyalty programs and referral incentives to encourage repeat business and turn customers into ambassadors.

6 Step Building a B2B Lead Generation Funnel

6 Step Building a B2B Lead Generation Funnel

Discover how to build a successful B2B lead generation funnel in 6 strategic steps. From defining your sales audience and generating awareness to capturing, nurturing, and converting leads, learn how to retain and upsell existing customers for long-term success.

Step 1: Defining Your Sales Audience

Defining your sales audience is crucial for a successful B2B lead generation funnel. Start by analyzing your existing customer base to extract insights. Identify common traits, pain points, and needs. Supplement your understanding with market research to pinpoint industry trends and competitors.

Moreover, create detailed buyer personas, incorporating demographics, roles, challenges, and goals. Tailor your messaging and value proposition to resonate with these personas, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Regularly refine your audience definition to stay attuned to market dynamics.

Step 2: Generating Awareness and Attracting Prospects

Generating awareness and attracting prospects involves creating compelling content that addresses their needs. Use diverse channels like social media, webinars, and networking events. Establish thought leadership by sharing valuable insights. Implement lead magnets and optimize your website for search engines. Then, build a strong online presence and reputation to draw potential clients into the funnel.

Step 3: Capturing and Qualifying Leads

Capturing and qualifying leads involves converting awareness into actionable prospects. Use engaging landing pages and forms to gather contact information. Offer high-value content in exchange, nurturing a sense of reciprocity.

Evaluate and score leads based on predefined criteria. Use CRM systems for efficient tracking and personalized follow-ups, optimizing resource allocation and setting the stage for successful B2B engagements.

Step 4: Nurturing and Engaging Prospects

Nurturing and engaging prospects in a B2B sales funnel involves sustaining interest and building relationships. Use personalized communication with valuable insights. Implement automated email campaigns for a steady stream of relevant content.

Encourage interaction through social media and events, fostering trust. Regularly assess prospects' behaviors and adjust your strategy accordingly to maximize their journey toward becoming loyal customers.

Step 5: Converting Leads into Customers

Converting leads into customers in a B2B sales funnel involves tailoring your approach based on meticulous lead nurturing and engagement. Present a compelling value proposition, personalize your communication, and utilize persuasive content. Facilitate transparent pricing discussions and empower your sales team. Streamline the purchasing process for a seamless conversion experience.

Step 6: Retaining and Upselling Existing Customers

Retaining and upselling existing B2B customers involves delivering exceptional post-purchase experiences with ongoing support and training. Engage regularly through personalized communication and identify upselling opportunities based on their evolving needs. Use data analytics to tailor upselling strategies and consistently deliver value, creating avenues for increased revenue and advocacy.

In conclusion, implementing a B2B lead generation funnel can greatly enhance your business's lead quantity and quality. By following the strategic steps outlined, from defining your audience to retaining and upselling existing customers, you can build a successful sales process that drives growth and profitability.

Real Case Study: Got 1,700% Lead Growth in 1 Month!

A great example of a successful B2B lead generation strategy is our client, Fazpass, an Indonesian technology company that implemented various digital marketing strategies to achieve significant growth. By leveraging account-based marketing, personalized email campaigns, and data analysis, Fazpass successfully increased its lead generation and conversion rates.

Effective lead generation strategies are crucial for the success of B2B businesses. By understanding how B2B lead generation works and implementing a mix of targeted, inbound, personalized, and data-driven strategies, businesses can attract and convert high-quality leads. From Account-Based Marketing and personalized email campaigns to leveraging social media and hosting webinars, these strategies provide a comprehensive approach to generating leads. Remember, continuous analysis and feedback are essential to refine and improve your lead generation efforts.

By applying these proven strategies, your B2B business can develop a robust pipeline of potential clients, ensuring sustained growth and success in an increasingly competitive market.

Lead Generation Case Study: How Fazpass Got 1,700% Leads Growth in 1 Month!

The story of Fazpass is proof that generate more leads is possible. It all starts with having a plan to capture high-quality leads. Want to see how Fazpass and Pipeline pulled this off?

Check out our "Lead Generation Case Study: How Fazpass Got 1,700% Leads Growth in 1 Month!" and discover how to power up your lead generation!

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