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B2B Marketing Automation in Action: Real-life Examples

May 8, 2024  •    •  Rista Fathika Anggrela

There are several B2B marketing automation examples that you should be aware of. Furthermore, according to ReportLinker, the worldwide marketing automation industry will reach USD 9.5 billion by 2027, up from USD 5.2 billion in 2022.

As a result, automating B2B marketing is no longer a choice; it is a need. However, before learning about many B2B marketing automation examples, consider how critical it is to employ automation in B2B marketing, as follows:

Why Marketing Automation Holds Significance

B2B marketing automation is quickly becoming a vital tool for assisting companies in increasing revenue and reducing repetitive tasks or unnecessary headcounts to ultimately streamline budgets.

It may be tough at first to determine which tools and methods are best for your company. However, marketing automation may now be implemented fast, readily managed, and affordably.

Nevertheless, before digging deeper into B2B marketing automation use cases, it's important to understand what B2B marketing automation is.

B2B marketing automation, in its most basic form, allows companies or organizations to automate marketing operations. It helps generate leads, the follow-up on leads, and the nurturing of leads throughout the buyer journey.

Also, it enables B2B marketers to personalize their message to effectively interact with a wide range of audiences. There are several instances of B2B marketing automation examples.

It ranges from scheduling social media postings, and tracking website visitor behavior to planning email campaigns. In reality, B2B marketing automation may be used to find high-value consumers and open up new markets to enhance revenue.

By utilizing B2B marketing automation, companies can leverage limited resources and drive engagement with relevant customers.

Real-Life Instances of B2B Marketing Automation

Now, you have covered the basics of B2B marketing automation. So, let's look at some instances of how it's used in practice:

1. Automating CRM Processes

After you make a sale, you should not stop marketing. This is because a company must have a positive relationship with its consumers. You must continue to nurture and pay attention to solid working connections. This is referred to as Customer Relationship Management/ CRM.

Automating the CRM process is one of the marketing automation B2B examples. Many systems, like HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and Salesforce, can automate the CRM process.

The system may streamline customer service while also maintaining your engagement with consumers. You may save a lot of time and energy by using B2B marketing automation since everything is done automatically, from customer data collecting to follow-up emails.

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2. Streamlining Email Marketing

Email marketing automation is one of the B2B marketing automation examples. This automation might help to optimize and streamline your B2B email marketing efforts.

Automation enables you to swiftly produce and deliver targeted emails to your target audience. Also, B2B email marketing automation expedites the process of sending invites and registering for events.

Furthermore, Automation assists you in tracking, measuring, and analyzing your campaigns to improve content and enhance interaction. By Automating operations like segmentation, customization, and scheduling, automation may help you save time and money. All of these advantages lead to higher ROI and conversion rates.

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3. Enhancing Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Many businesses have integrated their marketing and sales departments. This is because the marketing and sales teams do similar tasks and dividing the two has minimal advantage. If you want the two teams to work closely together, combine them.

Then, if you want to merge marketing and sales teams, one of the B2B marketing automation examples is to assess prospects and rank them by quality, putting the prospects with the most potential at the top. The sales team may then prioritize the leads they convert.

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4. Automating Landing Page Management

Automation and personalization are two major trends in the B2B market. Nowadays, most customers demand a personalized experience. However, how can you automate personalization?

You may use landing page management automation to customize your landing pages for different client and market categories. You may use numerous B2B marketing optimization tools/software to optimize customized landing pages.

5. Leveraging Social Media Automation

Social media automation is one of the following B2B marketing automation examples. This is due to the fast pace of social media, and consumers have high expectations for your response time.

You will be overwhelmed if you do not employ B2B marketing automation, and do not always satisfy user expectations. So, you can use certain tools or software to publish content and answer various user inquiries on social media. Automation also makes it simpler to publish content to several sources.

6. Simplifying Online Form Automation

If your organization employs inquiry or feedback forms, you must find out how to gather and retain the data while also ensuring that the appropriate target audience views the information.

Although you may ask your team to process each form submission, there are many more effective options. One of the marketing automation examples B2B is to automate online forms.

An automated online form system can help you give excellent customer service. For example, perhaps you can develop a callback request form that allows clients to request a callback at a specific time.

The system will process the request and assign it to a customer care representative for follow-up at a certain time.

7. Re-engaging Customers with Automation

Your consumers may require a gentle reminder if an item they bought is running low or if the time of year to re-order is coming. Unfortunately, if you rely on employees to send customer reminders, you are likely passing up a chance.

This is due to employees' proclivity to forget to follow up with clients they haven't interacted with in a long time. By leveraging B2B marketing automation, you can simplify the process by automating re-engagement communications. You may also send customized emails to consumers after some time has passed since their previous interaction.

8. Automating Analytics for Data Insights

Some people like comparing charts, crunching figures, and analyzing data. Some of you, unfortunately, do not.

PowerBi is a product that is frequently used as a B2B marketing automation example since it can handle numerous analytics for you. Even if you adore data analysis, you will be unable to assess the volume of data necessary to make smart marketing decisions.

B2B companies across sectors utilize marketing automation to streamline and improve campaigns and promote long-term business growth. This article includes B2B marketing automation examples that may be used by your company.

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