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The Best 10 All-in-One B2B Marketing Automation Platform [2024]

May 8, 2024  •    •  Rista Fathika Anggrela

You may utilize the best B2B marketing automation platform as a reference. This is because, according to studies, around 56% of organizations presently employ this technology, and it is likely to develop further.

Then, marketing automation tools may help businesses enhance productivity by simplifying their procedures. The following are some ideas for the best B2B marketing automation platform that can suit your needs:

1. Sender

This is one of the B2B marketing automation platforms. Sender is a low-cost and effective email and SMS marketing automation tool designed for eCommerce store owners, small enterprises, bloggers, and B2B entrepreneurs.

It includes features like smart automation, segmented lists, and a form/popup builder, making it a fantastic alternative for organizations trying to easily improve their subscriber base, audience engagement, and sales income.

2. Omnisend

As you know that Omnisend distinguishes itself as a full marketing automation platform because of its remarkable omnichannel capability. Unlike other programs, it allows users to combine numerous channels into the same automation workflow, such as email, SMS, push notifications, and Facebook Messenger.

This best B2B marketing automation platform helps organizations to build immersive omnichannel experiences for their consumers, distributing messages across the channels they choose.

Omnisend is a powerful and adaptable marketing automation platform worth considering, thanks to sophisticated targeting, split automation, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.

3. Marketo

It offers complete B2B marketing automation tools that cover a wide range of channels and activities. Marketo's capabilities have grown dramatically after its acquisition by Adobe.

Moreover, it can manage digital advertising, social media, and account-based marketing effectively using a full-featured software package. Marketo is thus a fantastic solution for large marketing organizations looking for a diverse and robust platform.

4. Eloqua

It is now part of Oracle's portfolio and stands out for its comprehensive connectivity with numerous marketing tools. This best B2B marketing automation platform delivers customized and optimized marketing operations with over 700 connectors.

Eloqua features extensive lead scoring to assist firms in focusing on the most promising prospects while nurturing those who aren't quite ready for a sales discussion.

It also offers AI-enabled capabilities to speed up customer data collecting and interpretation to acquire a comprehensive picture of the customer experience from beginning to finish and make smarter campaign decisions.

Notably, it is one of the few all-in-one platforms designed particularly for B2B marketers and businesses. However, due to its high cost, Eloqua is only ideal for enterprises with the budget to pursue marketing automation software.

5. HubSpot

If you are searching for "all-in-one" B2B marketing automation software that provides the fundamental functionality of multiple distinct marketing systems, HubSpot is a fantastic choice.

It offers a complete growth suite that includes sales software, marketing software, and support tools, all of which interface seamlessly with HubSpot's CRM.

HubSpot's marketing automation feature goes much beyond email in that it allows you to track your digital marketing progress. Additionally, by using this platform, you may spend less time on repetitive tasks and create simple to extremely intricate conditional processes.

It may take some time to master this software, but once you do, you will be able to be creative indefinitely. As a result, HubSpot is listed as one of the good marketing automation platforms.

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6. Pardot

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement/ Pardot is a cloud automation service mainly targeted at business clients with enough technical resources and learning ability.

It includes CRM connectivity, email marketing, lead nurturing, and ROI reporting among its capabilities for automating communication with existing connections.

The technology enables customers to observe website interactions and generate forecast lead scoring based on configurable characteristics. These features improve marketing efficiency and streamline sales team activities by avoiding lost time and resources.

It is crucial to note that, while this is the best-automated marketing platform, it may not be as accessible or economical for smaller enterprises or entrepreneurs due to the lack of a free plan or trial.

7. ActiveCampaign

It is the best B2B marketing campaign automation platform because ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation technology that effortlessly combines automation and human engagement.

Unlike other platforms, it recognizes that certain areas of marketing require a personal touch. ActiveCampaign's platform is aimed to empower marketers and salespeople by including features such as notification emails.

The platform's emphasis on working with humans rather than replacing them distinguishes it as a standout alternative for successful and user-friendly marketing automation.

8. GetResponse

Initially, GetResponse is an email marketing platform, and now incorporates web-based chat and SMS marketing capabilities. It competes with major comprehensive marketing tools thanks to superior marketing process automation.

Integrated e-commerce capabilities facilitate direct online payments. This best B2B marketing automation provides an excellent user experience at an affordable price, making it great for novices.

GetResponse is a good option if you want a solution that offers more than just email marketing automation. The cessation of 24/7 phone help, on the other hand, may generate irritation for those who want immediate assistance.

9. SharpSpring

It provides SMBs, corporations, and agencies with sales and marketing automation tools. Their behavioral tracking solution assists firms in better understanding client interactions and improves all marketing automation offerings.

The platform enables the creation of automated tasks, the expansion of workflows with branching logic, the creation of responsive nurturing campaigns depending on lead behavior, and the easy customization of buyer personas for better segmentation.

SharpSpring's Small Business pricing plan offers complete access to the company's growth marketing platform and is available in annual and monthly editions.

10. Autopilot

Ortto, formerly known as Autopilot, is a visually appealing marketing automation tool with an easy-to-use email campaign builder. It incorporates audience segmentation, extensive data analytics, and activity monitoring.

This good B2B marketing automation platform is widely used for complex messaging and targeting, but it also enables building basic time-based autoresponders.

Ortto offers a free plan for newbies to marketing automation, and all commercial plans begin at $29 per month, with free 14-day samples available for testing.

That was a fascinating review of the best B2B marketing automation platform that you should be aware of. Each platform offers different features and costs that you may tailor to your requirements. Looking for a more affordable alternative to all of these platforms ? Try our CRM now with a free trial!

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